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Major markets are Austria, the Baltic countries, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Turkey, Iran, and Ukraine.

Under the direction of Klaus Johann Jacobs, who took over the company in 1970, Jacobs expanded into other fields. It merged with the Swiss chocolate company Interfood in 1982 to form Jacobs Suchard, and bought the American Brach's Candy in 1987, among other purchases. Jacobs Suchard, with the exception of Brach's, was sold to Kraft Foods in 1990.

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Jacobs Krönung German Coffee Beans 500gr

Price £10.98
● Germany's best selling and favourite coffee ● Premium roast ground coffee has a rich aroma and a refined flavor. ● In 500g  sealed pack .  ● Produced and packed in Bremen and imported directly...
  • Aroma: 3/5
  • Body: 3/5
  • Flavour: 3/5
  • Size: 500g
  • Acidty: 3/5
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